About Us


The Art Of Keeping You Safe

Technology and innovation is the heart of inventing the trusted security product brand. With hardwork and dedication for a safer home and work place, we created ArxTech.

p-img-01ArxTech security product range is the brainchild of Sun Way Aluminium & Glass Sdn Bhd. We are the specialist in aluminium frames, glass windows, doors, locks and accessories; everything you need to safeguard your family.

Our dedicated team of professional consultants works together with you, and designs suitable solutions for your needs. Being the pioneer also means we understand the quality and design requirements for every different market, taking care of your home interior while making it safe.

With 12 years of safeguarding our customers and their families through thick and thin, it is easy to see why we are the people you should call.

Why Should You Choose ARXTECH?

At ArxTech, we believe the products should be designed to protect your family and home from would-be intruders and perform its task better than other products in the market.

During our design process, functionality, durability and style are all equally important. ArxTech is ready to put in the last step for your comfort and security.

  • Product designed based on years on meticulous research.
  • All products are designed and tested through usage to ensure the durability.
  • Only the best quality and premium materials are used in our products.
  • Highly functional and durable, yet elegant and stylish.
  • 12 years of warranty for your peace of mind.