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Thew New Renaissance Of Window

Product-SpecificationWhat is an aluminum sash window?

Aluminum sash is simply the window frame that made from aluminum. It is now a common practice to replace the old PVC or wood window frame with the aluminum sash that can offers a lot more for your home. The aluminum material offers slimmer sight lines, inherent strength, durability, excellent energy efficiency, and works well with your home interior too! The durability and strength of aluminum is quite remarkable. It can stand firm in the face of adversity that makes it the ideal window materials that never succumb to the weather or from intruders. Finally, the aluminum sash requires a minimal amount of maintenance; hence it is cost effective to have them in your house. Come and experience our product range today.

The Screen You Should Not Live Without

Product-Specification1What is a security screen?

Security screen, also known as security mesh, are steel mesh panels used as a penetration resistant shield behind wall. It is made by simultaneously slitting and stretching a solid sheet of steel making one continues sheet that cannot be untangled at the strands. The screen is suitable for internal walls, ceilings, partitions, masonry and external brickwork. It is a great way of securing your home building or internal spaces by sandwiching a layer of mesh into the walls and ceilings during construction. ArxTech security screen has outstanding impact resistance ability and excellent cutting resistance quality. Come and experience our product range today.