Product Testing

Our products are designed through meticulous research and testing in order to give you the highest levels of protection.

While other brands of security mesh will simply break down from  multiple barrages, ArxTech will be able to withstand the harshest  punishments, and still remain intact and fully functional.

All ArxTech products are put through stringent tests before they are  authorised for production. These tests include:

  • DYNAMIC IMPACT TEST – This test is conducted to ensure a significant amount of impact resistance to the system of the sash panel and its components. The test comprises of having test instructors repeatedly swinging and kicking directly to the mesh for 15 times.
  • KNOCK SHEAR TEST – This test simulates an attack on the windows or doors as intruders try to break through the screen. It is aims to recreate the effect of someone attacking your doors or windows with a 12 pound of hammer or similar tools.
  • JEMMY TEST – A strength test designed to simulate attempted forced-entry by intruders using an implement to pry open doors and windows or break locks and hinges by applying leverage forces against the system.
  • LOCK & HINGE LEVER TEST – This strength test is simulated by allowing a standardised narrow-blade lever to be inserted against the locking, fastening and hinging points and a turning force is applied to hose points via the lever.
  • GRILLE SHEAR TEST – The mesh are tested for material hardness under this test, to ensure the force required to sever the cords of ArxTech grilles meet or exceed the requirements of the standard